A house with heart

A hearty welcome to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre of Gross Gerungs

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre of Gross Gerungs offers its guests the highest medical competence coupled with all the features of a luxury hotel in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Lower Austria.

State of the art medical equipment, all-inclusive diagnoses, individual therapies, 24-hour care, consistent quality management and a highly qualified staff have made us one of the leading facilities for the prevention and treatment of cardio-vascular illnesses.

Get healthy and stay healthy in the beautiful untouched natural landscape of the Waldviertel.

Prevention and rehabilitation

As a partner of the Austrian health insurance institutions, we have been successfully caring for patients with cardio-vascular illnesses for many years now. Most of our work is in the area of classical rehabilitation after acute events such as heart attacks or bypass or cardiac valve operations. In addition we care for patients with circulatory illnesses (secondary prevention) or patients at risk for circulatory illnesses (primary prevention.)

We are concerned with the whole person

Our holistic view of human beings leads us to consider both the physical and the mental aspects of illness and to include medical and social components in our treatments.

This mixture of health and well-being, therapy and quality of life, combined with closeness to nature helps our patients to optimize their lifestyle habits with successful prevention and rehabilitation.

The combination of private clinic and luxury hotel, of effective prevention and therapy, of healthy food and a pleasant atmosphere bridges the gap between medicine and the person, helping our guests to work actively at becoming and staying healthy.

Diagnosis and therapy

Healthy exercise, proper nutrition - a lifestyle concept for home

Modern diagnostic methods and kinds of treatment as well as the combined efforts of doctors, therapists and patients are aimed at restructuring the lifestyles of our patients for a better quality of life.

Our patients are cared for around the clock by a team of experts and together they work out individual, tailor-made therapy plans. Important factors are exercise and nutrition. The exercise plan is based on individual physical capacity and includes therapeutic- or Nordic Walking, exercise workouts and endurance training on bicycles – with constant monitoring of the circulatory parameters. (pulse and blood-pressure) Dieticians and metabolic experts make recommendations for low-cholesterol and heart-healthy eating habits.

Heart-felt enjoyment

Nutrition as therapy

In our house you will experience the connection between culinary pleasures and good health and learn how the healthy preparation of food can be a rewarding experience. To this end we have been co-operating with the “Ökologischen Kreislauf Moorbad Harbach” for several years. This organization guarantees the use of purely organic products from farmers in our region.

Both our “Organic Certification” and the distinction “Green Gourmet” guarantee the highest quality in gourmet dining.  We offer a combination of a heart-healthy diet and gourmet cuisine in a stylish ambience for optimal and well-balanced nutrition.

Luxury with heart

Luxury and safety - for guests and patients

Our privately - run house offers first class medical and therapeutic facilities in combination with 4-star luxury.

The rooms are modern and friendly and offer every comfort as well as the highest medical safety standards.   Emergency management, monitored areas and an intensive-care unit all contribute to the necessary safety of our patients.

Rooming In

Safety and closeness

Our guests and patients need absolute safety and trust. As part of our holistic treatment, we offer a very valuable option for the cardiac patients in their generally stressful situation. Our rooming-in programme gives partners or relatives the option of accompanying the patient in his or her recovery and with the planning of further lifestyle changes.

This unique therapeutic option not only gives the relative the necessary psychological support, but also teaches him or her how they can best handle the situation when the patient comes home.

Nature with heart

The Waldviertel- a healing place

Gentle hills, silent forests, open meadows- nature is tranquil here; it breathes lives and blooms; it refreshes and renews.

The mild and bracing climate and the elevation, which stabilizes the vegetative system, make it one of the most healthful regions of Austria. This region has a positive influence on body, mind and spirit. The deep peace and the wonderful lightness of the clear air calm the senses.

The preservation of this wonderful countryside combined with active environmental protection is inseparable from the philosophy of our house. As holder of the Austrian Environmental Seal of Excellence, we strive not only to fulfil the strict criteria involved but to incorporate them in our lives and increase public awareness of environmental issues.

Enjoy your free time

Our guests can relax in the indoor swimming pool or the sauna, or can enjoy our fitness park or go on hikes with specially trained instructors. Walking, hiking, Nordic Walking- enjoy the sight of the moors or bizarre stone formations typical for this landscape.

A staff with heart

Competence and motivation- the best team for our guests and patients

Our staff is the real “heart” of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre of Gross Gerungs. For this reason we value not only excellent job qualifications but also the personal motivation of our employees.

We create conditions that promote the strengths, skills and personal competence of our staff, so that our guests and patients can profit from these qualities.

As one of the largest establishments with a training programme for work in tourism in this region, we are proud of the high number of trainees we have instructed and are currently in charge of.

Our qualified staff consciously embodies our understanding of a healthy lifestyle and look after our guests and patients with competence and concern so that they will feel comfortable and be in the best of hands.


If you need further more detailed information, please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.

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